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Remote Management ServiceVTS provides remote assistance services where the technician who will solve the problem can see your screen at their end and control your system with their mouse and keyboard. The usual online support provided is removal of spy software and viruses, optimizing your system, any registry repair and most commonly device driver issues.


If your company lacks IT Support expertise or your resources are vulnerable to service outages, we will provide a complete IT support solution to you which will be managed by our expert support team. Our team is available 24x7x365, to ensure that we can always assist you via remote support.


  • Take a scenario where you are facing a complicated problem in your computer which you are unable to solve yourself. On top of that you do not have access to any repair shop nearby. You can call a technician but you might not be able to follow what the technician is asking you to do. On the other hand if he or she can see your screen for themselves and there would not be any confusion at all. It is here that remote assistance becomes the eyes of the technician and your problem could be resolved much quicker.
  • It is very convenient to give access to the technicians to help solve your problem.
  • It saves you the trouble of unplugging your system as well as all connected devices and carrying the computer to the repair shop.
  • It saves on repair cost even if the support technician is charging you it will be a lot less than if you took it to the shop.
  • You can also use remote assistance to ask your friends and relatives who are tech savvy for support which of course will not cost you anything.

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