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Software Support and Solutions

Our commitment to providing excellent, proactive IT services means that you will receive first-class IT support from a company that is capable, knowledgeable and flexible - whether you need us to support an existing IT Team through our IT consultancy service or as your complete IT Support and Service Solution

To stay on top of hardware and software innovations and trends requires a commitment to continual research. We do that so you don't have to. We maintain and are constantly pursuing "Partner" and "Authorized Reseller" status with the best manufacturers in the industry. Any company can sell pieces, parts and shrink wrapped software at Vision Tech Solutions, we offer you integrated solutions that are designed for you and your business. From complex systems in multiple locations to integrated offices in small businesses, we'll work with you to find the appropriate solutions that allow you to meet your business goals.

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Maintenance Support

The support can take the form of ad-hoc and contracted SLA based support. We are also able to hire IT staff out on a contract basis should the need occur.

Vision Tech Solutions provides service level agreements which entail all the company's requirements to their satisfaction and needs. Response times when signing a service level agreement varies to a client's critical and non-critical response time. Lastly, whatever the requirements, VTS will fulfill all service and maintenance needs while exceeding client's expectations.

Software Maintenance

Updating of application programs in order to meet changing information requirements, such as adding new functions. It also includes troubleshooting and adapting the software to new hardware devices.

Our Experience & Expertise

Our people know and understand the diverse world of hardware and software. Our commitment to you is to make recommendations for the right products and services at competitive prices to provide you the tools to meet your business goals and objectives.

  • We do the research and testing in our offices
  • We find the products to meet your needs from high end servers to single PCs
  • We match the software to the hardware
  • We custom configure the products to meet your specific and individual

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